Below are forms for New Patient Registrations.
Please complete ALL forms and email to [email protected]
The GMS1 form and questionnaires must be fully completed and emailed to the practice along with proof of address (ie a utility bill, bank statement, tenancy agreement, phone bill) dated within the last 3 months.

Aged 18 and over registration pack:

1. GMS1 Form

2. Registration Forms – Over 18

Aged 6-17 registration pack:

1. GMS1 Form

2. Registration Forms – Under 18

Aged 5 and under registration pack:

1. GMS1 Form

2. Registration Forms – Under 5


Systm1 Online Access Registration Form

SystmOnline – A Guide for Patients

Please note that each patient must have their own individual email account to register for SystmOnline, and must not be duplicated with any other patient.

Highlands Surgery have a vast number of leaflets for patients.

If you require any of our leaflets in an easy viewing format please let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements for you.

We also have access to the Easyhealth website which has  a number of easy health information leaflets for you to view. Click here to view.

Change of Address Form

Consent Form

Change of Details

Consent to Proxy Access Online Services

Application Form For Access To Health Records
(Please allow up to 28 days for this to be completed)

Patients and Carers

Mobile Phone Registration

Email Registration

Travel Immunisation Questionnaire

Patient Participation Group application form

Patient Participation Group brochure