These leaflets are available in reception at the surgery.


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Highlands Surgery have a vast number of leaflets for patients.

If you require any of our leaflets in an easy viewing format please let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements for you.

We also have access to the Easyhealth website which has  a number of easy health information leaflets for you to view. Click here to view.

Access to medical records

Access to medical records request form

Advance directive information for patients

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Breastfeeding and thrush

Cardio Vascular Disease Prevention Leaflet

Cholesterol Lowering Diet

Complaints and compliments leaflet

Data Sharing

Did not attend appointments

Exercises – Back

Exercises – Knee

Exercises – Neck

Exercises – Pelvic Floor Muscle

Exercises – Plantar Fascitis

Exercises – Shoulder

Exercises – Wrist – Post Fracture

Fees and Charges

Freedom of information

Gout Dietry Advice

Hand Foot and Mouth

Hay fever and Allergies

Influenza and pneumonia Vaccinations

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives

Micro-albuminuria Adult Female

Micro-albuminuria Adult Male

Over 75 patients leaflet

Patient care review and support

Patients Charter leaflet

Pneumonia vac

Seasonal flu myth buster

Semen Analysis Investigation

Sharps Disposal For patients

Slapped Cheek Disease

Stop Smoking Leaflet

Stroke Act ‘FAST’

Eat well with a small appetite

The Eatwell Guide

CCG Food Fortifying Care Plan

Oral Nurtitional Supplements Quick Guide

Subject Access Requests