Practice Charter

What the Practice Will Do for You

  • Treat you with respect and courtesy
  • Undertake to see you promptly and where a delay occurs, provide an explanation of the cause
  • Give the most appropriate care and to refer to other services as required
  • Offer an urgent appointment for an acute problem as explained in the Practice Leaflet and Website
  • If permanently housebound or have an acute ilness which makes a patient totally confined to bed and attendance at surgery is impossible a home visit may be requested as explained in the Practice Leaflet and Website
  • Subject to the limitations of the law and in consultation with your GP give access to your health records
  • Give a full and prompt reply to any complaints about the practice, its staff, and the overall performance and service

What You Can Do for the Practice

  • Treat the Practice Staff with respect and courtesy
  • Keep surgery appointments promptly and cancel appointments as early as possible if you cannot attend
  • Do not request an emergency appointment for a matter that is known not to be urgent
  • Request out of hours visits only if/when appropriate and necessary
  • Only ask for a home visit when the patient is permanently housebound or have an acute illness which totally confines them to bed
  • Allow time for Clinical and Administration staff to deal with enquiries
  • Inform the Practice of changes to your personal details e.g. change of address, name or telephone numbers and provide formal documentation support name changes

If we fail to meet our standard and you feel it is necessary to complain about our service, please forward your comments in writing to the Practice Manager

Please respect us – we are here to help you
Verbal and Physical abuse will not be tolerated