Prescription information

How can I request my medication?

  • Via Voice Connect (Pop in and sign up with our reception team who will be happy to help).
  • Sign up online with Highlands Surgery Systm One Online Access

Patients unable to request medication and do not have relatives or carers to request on their be-half, the surgery will raise a safe guarding alert with the local team. In these circumstances please contact the surgery direct.


Why are we changing prescription requests?

After analysing our repeat prescription process, we have noticed delays and discrepancies when requests are made in this way, causing distress and confusion for you the patient. We feel that by the patients taking control of their medication and liaising direct with the surgery, we will reduce these problems significantly. This also is being put in place for the following reasons:

  • To reduce the amount of wasted issues of medications – it has come to light that pharmacies are continually requesting medication on behalf of patients that they don’t need
  • To improve the quality of processing the repeat prescriptions within the practice – by patients only requesting the medications they need this will reduce the quantities of the requests which in turn will enable us to improve the quality of our processing
  • To build a relationship between ourselves the practice, and you the patient with regards to your medication requesting and usage.  Currently this is between the pharmacy and the patient – we wish to improve our relationships with you enabling us to obtain a better understanding of your medicine usage. 

Can I fax my prescription request

  • No.  Please use online, post or drop your request into the surgery.

How long will it take to process?

  • Requests will take up to 3 working days to process
  • There is no need to telephone to check if this has been done

Will the pharmacy still deliver?

  • Yes,  your nominated pharmacy will still deliver the medications to you in the normal way

Will the prescription still go to my nominated pharmacy?

  • Yes, the prescription will go to the nominated pharmacy.  It is only the requesting of the prescription that the pharmacy will no longer do.

We thank you for helping us help you.